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5 alternatives to Chiang Mai


Okay, so, first up, let’s spill some tea about Pai. This little hippie haven in the mountains is like Chiang Mai's laid-back younger sister. You can totally get chillaxing in the hot springs or channel your spiritual energy at the plethora of yoga studios. Oh, and the night markets? A total must-see! Imagine booth after booth of yummy street food. Try the Khao Soi, it’s like, mouth-watering. Just bring your own reusable tote (we're saving the world here, people), and remember that bargaining isn’t really a thing in Pai.

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Hua Hin

Alright, picture this: a blend of city and sea with a sprinkle of night markets - yep, we're talking about Hua Hin. This super romantic, cozy city is totally perfect for a beach escapade and it's glamorous without all the hype. Grab a book, plop down on the white sandy beaches, and just vibe with the waves. And BTW, the street food scene in Hua Hin? It’s to die for. Shine in your sunnies, but watch out for the monkeys at Khao Takiab. Seriously, they like to swipe... everything.

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What's up, SSN peeps - that's Sleeper-Seat Nomads, FYI... welcome to Nan! Nestled in a valley in the depths of Northern Thailand, Nan's totally low-key, like the Hannah Montana of Thailand cities - the best of both worlds, mountains and culture. Definitely check out the Wat Phumin, and don't skip the herb sausages, they're so good that they're almost illegal. Trust me, once you’ve been here, you’ll be like “Chiang - who?"

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And last but defo not the least - Sukhothai. This city’s so old school, you’ve basically hopped into a time machine taking you back to the 13th century. Stroll around the Historical Park, snap some pics of the best preserved ancient Thai city, and explore the tales behind the Buddha statues in temple ruins. One little secret, though - hire a bike. It’s hands down the best way to get around. Don't forget sunscreen, you might get a rad tan, but you don't want to return home looking like a toasted marshmallow.

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If you’re over all the mainstream touristy spots, Phetchaburi’s your nightlife Romeo. With its cool old temples, stunning caves, and laid-back riverside living, Phetchaburi's a lesser-known gem. Don’t forget to check out the Royal Palace, it’s like plunging into a real-life fairytale book. Grab a coffee, saunter by the slow-paced life along the canal, and rock the gram with the city’s authentic old-world vibe. But take note, don’t go chasing ghosts at the Khao Wang Palace after dark, unless you want your next selfie to have an unexpected guest.

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