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5 alternatives to Hallstatt

Cesky Krumlov

Take this from me, Cesky Krumlov, in the Czech Republic, is like Hallstatt's long-lost sibling. Picture this: a quaint, fairy-tale town with cobblestone streets, gorgeous architecture, and a castle that literally speaks history. The Vltava River wraps around the town like that cozy sweater you can't let go of. There's even a bear moat at the castle, like, hello, who wouldn't want to see that?

Now for the pro tips: best time to visit is during summer or autumn. The crowds? Way less intense, but still worth it for the warm weather and autumn leaves. Fact, you can't say you've been to Cesky Krumlov without trying the traditional Czech food. So, pack your bags, your appetite, and let's move!

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Rothenburg ob der Tauber

Second cab off the rank, Rothenburg ob der Tauber, this place in Germany is, like, straight out of the Brothers Grimm. Medieval houses, city walls, and ancient towers. Seriously, roam around and you might think you've time-traveled.

So, here's the thing: go explore the old city walls for an epic view. And you've gotta visit the Plönlein - it's the town's most iconic sightseeing spot. It's super picturesque and honestly, it looks a lot like Hallstatt, except with extra servings of fairytale magic. It's so worth it! Just remember to wear comfy shoes, 'kay? Those cobblestones are cute but not friendly on the feet.

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Let's venture to France now, with Dinan. It's in Brittany, and mate, it's beautiful. Got the medieval vibes just like Hallstatt, but without the hordes of tourists. Half-timber houses, cobblestone streets, and a castle (because of course there is). And the Rance River is lowkey the best spot to just chill and have a picnic.

Get this: you can't leave Dinan without trying a crepe. Believe me, it's the most awesome experience. And check out the local shops for handmade crafts, it's worth it. Tip: explore on foot. It's the whole charm of the place. Seriously, add Dinan to the bucket list, right now.

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Last, but not least, ever heard of Colmar? It's in France too (I know, I'm obsessed) but it's a legit treasure. This town looks like it's straight out of a painting with its colorful, half-timber houses, cute canals, and flowers everywhere. Does it sound Hallstatt-esque? Cause it should.

Local gossip time: The Petite Venice district is a total must-see. Grab your camera, and just get lost in the streets. And if you're into museums, check out the Unterlinden Museum. For a taste of the local flair, try tarte flambée, it's a dream. Seriously, Colmar is that awesome change of pace you need from the mainstream hotspots. You'll thank me later.

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We're still in France, but we've gotta talk about Annecy. Yo, this place is often called the 'Venice of the Alps', can you believe that?! It's got this epic lake, canals, and a charming old town. And the mountain backdrop? Yeah, it's Hallstatt-level jaw-dropping.

Here's the lowdown: discover the old town, it's crazy picturesque. Swing by Palais de l'Isle, it's a must. Go for a swim in Lake Annecy or just chillax with a picnic. Ah, but let me spill some tea - try the raclette, it's like a cheesy slice of heaven. This place, Annecy, needs to be on your radar, trust me on this.

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