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5 alternatives to Mallorca


Alright, you're gonna LOVE Sardinia. This Italian gem of an island is like Mallorca's trendy cousin. Picture this: you’re sprawled out on the sun-creamed sand, surrounded by clear water so azure it'd put the cloudless sky to shame. And it's not just about crystalline beaches, babe. Sardinia is famously known for its quaint villages filled with pastel houses, and mouth-wateringly good seafood. Honestly? Cancel your diet plans. Sardinian seafood is kinda next level. As for the must-dos: Visit Castello district, do some diving if you're into that stuff, and enjoy classic Italian gelato while sauntering along the marina in Cagliari.

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Skipping over to Greece, how about checking out Kos? It's like, Mallorca, if Mallorca decided to go all Greek on us. There are beaches, obvi, but wrapped-up with a Greek Island vibe. You've got your ancient ruins, turquoise waters, and local tavernas serving up delicious Greek cuisine. Do you even need me to sell it more? Get adventurous and take a bike ride to discover the island at your own pace, visit the Asklepion – Kos' ancient hospital, sip on some locally produced honey-sweet wine. It's gonna be all kinds of amazing.

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For a minute, let's just forget about Spain altogether and head straight to Cyprus. Think stunning coastlines, sandy beaches, and an abundance of olive groves. Seriously, there's something special about this place. The food: out-of-this-world. Think Greek but supercharged. The cool thing about this place – it’s Greek and Turkish, giving it a unique cultural mix. Highlight alert: Visit the Tombs of the Kings, try some Meze (it's here to blow your taste buds), and explore the town of Paphos. You’ll thank me later.

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And last but definitely not least, Madeira, Portugal. This sunny, flower-filled island in the Atlantic offers a blend of relaxation and adventure. It’s rural, it’s sea-side chill, it’s hiking paradise, and not too mainstream (don’t you just love that?). And the views...honey, they are Instagram gold. You NEED to try the local Madeira wine, hike a levada, and visit a local market in Funchal. Just trust me on this.

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Switching up the vibe a bit, let's go to Marseille, France. It’s like Mallorca's cooler, edgier sister. This port city has got some serious character. Expect vibrant harbour, diverse food scene, and oh-so French streets that make you feel like you're in a movie. Spoiler: you're actually in real life. Catch a boat trip to the François calanques, and definitely taste Bouillabaisse (some legendary fish stew thingy); believe me, it's something else.

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