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5 alternatives to Mykonos


If you're down with exploring something other than Mykonos, Paros could be right up your alley. It's a little less party-hardy but no less adorable. You can stroll around the beautiful Naoussa village, checking out rad street art and cool independent cafes. I mean, who wouldn’t want to chill in a little seaside town with crystal clear waters and white sandy beaches, right? Make sure to visit the Byzantine footpaths connecting traditional Cycladic villages. They're something else, honestly.

For all my adrenaline junkies, Paros has epic kite and windsurfing spots. If that's not your scene, maybe check out some wine tasting tours, they're legit. You can also visit the Church of 100 Doors, it’s pretty epic and the architecture - completely stunning. Seriously don't forget to cram your bag with sunscreen and a good book for those chill beach vibes.

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Next up, Naxos. It's kinda like Mykonos’s chill cousin. This place has some fantastic beaches that'll blow your mind. No, seriously, they're like those picture-perfect beaches you see in travel magazines. Plaka and Agios Prokopios are total must-visits. Just imagine loungering in the sun – it’s pure bliss.

If you're into history and stuff, check out the Portara or the Temple of Apollo – it's old in the best way. And the old town of Naxos, it’s got this whole 'lost-in-time' vibe going on. Definitely hit up the local tavernas to eat like a true Greek. By the way, Naxos is famous for its potatoes, not even kidding. So make sure you try some local dishes with potatoes. Trust me, your taste buds will thank you.

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Let's talk Milos. This island is like a hidden gem. Shh! It’s our secret. Picture strolling around in breathtaking lunar landscapes and hidden coves with crystal clear water. Sounds like a dream, right? It gets better. Swing by Kleftiko, an absolute mindblowing spot that used to be a pirates’ hideout. On a pirates' turf, how exciting is that?

Not to forget the Sarakiniko Beach, it's out of this world with its white volcanic rocks. I don’t know about you, but that sounds like a killer selfie spot. Klima village with its colorful boathouses, aka syrmata, and the ancient Roman theatre is a must-see too. Don’t miss out on trying the seafood, you can thank me later.

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Last, but not least, we got Folegandros. This one is still untouched by mass tourism, it's like a breath of fresh air. It's known for its rugged beauty, sheer cliffs, and breathtaking views. Make sure to explore the Chora, Folegandros's main town. Seriously, this place is timeless. It feels like it's paused in another era.

And can we talk about the views from the Church of Panagia? It's on top of a hill and the panorama is crazily stunning. Just be sure to wear your comfy shoes for the hike up. When in Folegandros, you can't ignore its beautiful beaches such as Agkali and Katergo. As close to a picture-perfect postcard as it gets! Remember though, this is a quiet, laid-back place to relax. So if you're looking for an exciting nightlife, Folegandros may not be your jam. But if peace, tranquility, and beauty is what you crave, warmly welcome.

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Sifnos is like the cooking pot of Greece, known for its local gastronomy and it's amazing pottery. So if you're into that kinda stuff, this is your place. What’s more to love than enjoying some delicious Greek dishes while soaking in the sun? And the beaches? Oh honey, they are a dream. Also, Heads-up - don’t miss Kastro, the ancient capital of the island. This place is like stepping into a history textbook, but exciting.

The island's whitewashed houses and blue-domed churches create a beautiful landscape that’s truly Instagram-ready. Take some time to visit the monastery of Chrissopigi. Digging gorgeous nature and stunning landscapes? Then you'll be head over heels with the local hiking trails that Sifnos has to offer. End your day at some local spot chilling watching the sunset. Could anyone say 'no' to that?

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