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5 alternatives to Santorini


Okay, so like, everyone talks about Santorini, but have you ever heard of Naxos? Probably not. Naxos is this hidden gem in Greece you must check out. It totally beats the touristy vibe of Santorini with its authentic Greek culture, amazing beaches and super cute hilltop villages. Stunning, huh! You can explore the ancient archaeological site of Portara or just chill at Agios Prokopios, one of the most exotic beaches you've ever seen. Trust me. Just remember to get some sunnies because your Insta feed is about to glow, boo.

And let's talk food. It is...magnifico. I mean, Greek cuisine, hello? Just the whole Mediterranean diet thing but a thousand times better. The Taverna Paradiso in Naxos town is wildly popular. Their seafood alone will get you drooling. And the view! Straight up postcard perfection. But, keep it low-key, we don't want to overcrowd this spot.

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Next up on our little secret list is Folegandros. Now, this place is definition of rustic beauty. The whole island feels like a freaking spa retreat. The Chora town, way up on the cliffs? Breath-taking. The unique feel of the town with its medieval architecture totally deserves a spot in your bucket list.

Okay, and please do check out the Panagia church. Even if you're not into churches, this one's a game changer with its stellar views. A little hike never hurt anyone. Lastly, remember Agali beach, alright? Ideal for snorkeling or lie down with a good book. Not the usual Santorini vibes but trust me, one trip there and you'll wonder why it took you so long.

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Alright moving on. Next stop: Sifnos. Basically, it's a combo of relaxation and energy. The golden sand at Platis Gialos beach is so good, you’re gonna wish to setup a permanent tent there. No kidding! Plus, the windsurfing conditions? On point. Totally a way to try something new...even if you faceplant half the time. We're not judging!

On a night out, head to Apollonia, the main town. It's literally pumping with excitement. The narrow alleyways, shops, bars and the whole lot. Don’t miss out on the pottery either. The island is damn famous for its ceramics. Go bring back a little sunshine from Sifnos for your crib.

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Last but not least, we're heading to Ikaria. This place is not only beautiful but it hides one of the world's blue zones - places where people live longer. So if you wanna absorb some of that long life energy, this is it! And nature lovers, get your hiking boots on, there's plenty of trails overlooking the Aegean sea. Imagine the views at sunrise or sunset! There's no app for that!

Don't miss out on the traditional Panigiria festivals - too fun! The whole community dancing, eating, having a good laugh. Especially try the local wine, trust me, it's something else. But watch out, too much Ikarian wine and you might just relocate. Alright, jokes aside. But on a real note, these places are so worth checking out. Less crowd, more vibe!

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Next, we're going to talk about Syros. Guys, it's seriously underrated. Ermoupolis, the port town, is defs a highlight with its neoclassical buildings and marble streets. You've got to check out the Apollo Theater, Syros's little ‘Scala di Milano’ - so cute and vintage.

Also, the Ano Syros is an absolute beauty. Its traditional settlement offers an incredible panoramic view of the Aegean. An Instagramable heaven right there! To savor pure Syros, you gotta try out 'loukoumi' - a local sweet delight. It's like sugar magic in your mouth.

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