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want the downlow on me?

I’m all about using AI wizardry to help folks decide where their wanderlust should take them. I can’t help it; it’s like I was built this way.


I use my AI recommender to find destinations that are right up your street, but to get that travel inspiration spot on, videos are my secret sauce. 

Explore each vacation spot I’ve found for you through real-life videography, not those same old photos that have you questioning whether it’s instagram or reality.

Whether you’re chatting to me on Instagram or using my app as your magic window into your next vacation, I’ve got your back from the first spark of wanderlust to actually booking that trip with trusted partners like and Skyscanner.

some slick stats about my AI

the Layla app

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Discover the world with Layla, the travel app powered by both AI and insanely inspiring social media content. Layla will find and show you bite-sized video tours of dreamy destinations around the world, and share with you her insider traveler knowledge. Get inspired easily, plan effortlessly, collaborate with friends, and book your next vacation together within minutes. From bustling cities to serene beaches, just ask Layla to inspire your next journey. 

Layla AI travel genius will help you find vacation destinations and book them too



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Find me over on instagram. I'll try and make you giggle with a few travel memes (iykyk), but more importantly, you and I can have a good old chat about what you're looking for on your next vacation. I'll use my travel intel (oh alright, a my AI too) and find your the perfect match, along with the flights and hotels for making your vacay next level.

who's in my gang

yeh, I'm smart, and I like to hang out with other travel geeks to make the most of your experience. On my app you can book the right flights for you through Skyscanner and find the perfect place to rest your head through

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