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5 alternatives to Chichiniza


Okay, we’re off to Uxmal, and prepare yourself cause it’s quite a hidden spot. The architecture, babes. Like, are you kidding me? It’s unreal. It has this Pyramid of the Magician which, trust me when I say, you don't want to miss. Literally feels like we are Indiana Jones. Also, the wildlife, I am not over it. I mean, iguanas are chilling all over the place. Sooo Insta-worthy, right? Just remember, early bird gets the worm, and by worm, I mean the best photos without thousands of people in them. So, just get there as early as possible.

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Alright babes, let’s head to Kohunlich next. It’s not your average overly crowded location, it’s just pure serenity...honestly...such a vibe. They’ve got these huge masks of the Mayan Sun God and you literally need to climb up these leafy trails to see them. Nothing screams adventure more than this, am I right? Just a heads up, do bring lots of water cause hydration is key babes. Oh and repellent cause mosquitos are going to want a piece of you.

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Now, welcome to Palenque... such a scene, both mind-blowing and low-key. It’s like, the Mayan’s version of a summer home in the Hamptons. There's something magical about this place, strolling around these ancient stone walls covered in grotesque carvings, literally in the middle of the jungle. Also, the waterfalls...totally worth checking out. Rock those chunky Balenciaga's you've been saving, cause they are going on the gram. And yes, snacks. Pack them. Trust me, you'll thank me later.

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Next thing you know we're out in the wild going off the beaten path to this place called Calakmul. Literally so deep in the Biosphere Reserve that you feels like you’re on an episode of Lost, but without all the creepy stuff. It’s really about getting up close with nature and soaking in those ancient vibes. Careful with your steps though - stone ruins, forest floor, it's like a DIY obstacle course. Also, pack a lunch, there's nowhere to buy food once you're in, and don't forget a torch - it's a jungle out there.

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Heading over to Tulum babes, where ancient history and aqua blue water coexist in perfect harmony. Now that's something you don't see everyday. The Mayan ruins here? Breathtaking. I mean the views from the cliffside temple – are you kidding me? That and the beach below...literal paradise. Bring that ‘kini you’ve been wanting to flaunt, and don’t forget the sunscreen. Trust your girl, a burnt selfie is not a look you wanna go for.

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