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5 alternatives to Cinque Terre


Okay, hear me out, have you ever thought of Riomaggiore as the alternative to the oh-so-popular Cinque Terre? Like, seriously, the place is legit underrated! It's one of the five villages in Cinque Terre but somehow, it always gets overlooked. It has these insane towering cliffs and you get the most epic sea views from pretty much everywhere. You've got to see this place, especially at sunset. Remember to check out the historic architecture and grab a gelato from a local shop. Just a pro tip, wear your comfiest shoes, because you'll be climbing lots of stairs. You won't regret it, promise!

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So like, think ritzy Italian Rivera, but less mainstream, you know? That’s Portofino for ya. This spot is a playground for the rich and famous, but it totally deserves more love from us regular folks too. Plus, imagine the Instagram content! You'll find it nestled on the coast, surrounded by the bluest waters and a bunch of luxe yachts. Don't forget to visit the medieval Castle Brown, it's got some sick views of the harbor and the Ligurian Sea. Also, don't ever leave without trying focaccia al formaggio, it's a cheese-filled bread that is genuinely to die for.

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Okay so, there's this hidden gem named Camogli. It’s totally insta-worthy with its pastel-colored houses lined up by the seashore. You'll feel like walking through a rainbow, how cool is that? The place is home to historic treasures, and the local seafood dishes are unbeatable. Definitely have a lazy afternoon at one of their pebble beaches, especially after a stroll around the tiny, cute harbor. But be careful about parking, parking space can be a challenge to find here. Just keepin' it real with ya!

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Santa Margherita Ligure

Last, but definitely not least, let me tell you about Santa Margherita Ligure. It's like, a less crowded alternative to Cinque Terre. You'll find gorgeous palaces, lush gardens, and the oh-so-stunning Mediterranean views. It's perfect for a relaxed and rejuvenating trip. Don't forget to check out Villa Durazzo for its frescoed ceilings and stunning views of the town. And make sure you try the local pasta called trofie al pesto. You'll totally thank me later!

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San Fruttuoso

San Fruttuoso, ever heard of it? Didn't think so. The place is only reachable by foot or by boat, like getting stuck on a beautiful, beautiful island (not complaining here!) The Abbey of San Fruttuoso is a must-visit, and you should also check out the Christ of the Abyss, it's a submerged statue which you can see if you go snorkeling. How mysterious, right? Also don’t forget to try local dishes like anchovies, trust me, they have the best one here...

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