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5 alternatives to Ha Long Bay

Coron, Philippines

Okay, so let's get into this. Y'all ever been to Coron? It's like JAW-DROPPING, I swear. We're talking soaring limestone cliffs, dreamy white beaches, and crystal-clear waters teaming with crazy colorful marine life. It's legit paradise on earth. You could totally kayak through the lagoons, do some epic snorkeling, or just you know, vibe out on the beach. Oh, and don't skip out on the hot springs. Like seriously, after all the swimming and exploring, those make for the perfect chill spot. Btw - it's way less touristy than Ha Long Bay but just as stunning, if not more.

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Guilin, China

Guilin in China is pretty much IT. I mean, those mountain landscapes? Killer. And the Li River is like, so picturesque it's on the TWENTY YUAN bill - yes, that's a big deal over there. Go for a river cruise, try out bamboo rafting, or heck, just take in the spectacular views. It's not all about landscapes though. The night market? Super cool. And the food, uh... can we talk about the food? It's ah-mazing. It's a little more city than beach, but the natural beauty can totally give Ha Long a run for its money.

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Angthong Marine Park, Thailand

No tea, no shade, but Angthong Marine Park in Thailand is an *actual* secret paradise. You're basically on an island, middle of nowhere, surrounded by emerald green waters and dramatic cliffs. It's INSANE. Also, did I mention the marine life? You gotta check it out - snorkeling or diving, whatever floats your boat. And if you're into hiking, you can totally get to the viewpoint for a sick view of the whole park. It's an adventure and a half, and definitely a worthy alternative to Ha Long.

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Phi Phi Islands, Thailand

I know, I know, Phi Phi is far from being an untouched haven. But hear me out, guys: if you venture beyond the party scene, it's straight up jaw-dropping. It's all about the blue-green waters, tall cliffs, hidden coves... everything that would take your Instagram game to a whole new level. Plus, you can do a ton of water sports. Or hike to the viewpoint - it's legit breathtaking. Yes, it's popular, but hey - there's a reason for that! And IMHO, it totally rivals Ha Long Bay.

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Raja Ampat, Indonesia

Raja Ampat, you guys, is where it's at. It's part of the Coral Triangle which is basically the heart of the world's coral reef biodiversity. Translation: snorkeling and diving paradise. You'll see things here that you won't find anywhere else, and it's sooo beautiful. But like, don't just stay underwater. There's bird watching, cave exploring, and wayyy offbeat experiences to try overground too. Legit, it even tops Bali in terms of raw natural beauty. It's a trip you've gotta take at least once, no cap.

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