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5 alternatives to Norweigian Fjords

The Scottish Highlands

Hold onto your hats folks, because the Scottish Highlands are like, the textbook definition of breathtaking. Imagine big-ticket Hollywood drama - the whole, 'I'm king of the world,' aesthetic, except you're in the middle of green-tinted mountains and the king of, well, sheep maybe? There's a dash of everything here: Cute little castles, endless hiking trails, and let's not forget Loch Ness. I mean, come on - a lake with its very own monster? That’s like, influencer level coolness.

And, you know what’s a total vibe? The Highland Folk Museum - it’s like fully stepping into the past, it’s super rad. You can also jump on board the Strathspey Railway for some choo-choo fun. Just, like, pack some good shoes, yeah? The highlands are all about that on-your-feet spirit, but trust me, your Insta feed will thank you.

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The English Lake District

Next up, grab your rain boots and maybe a cute umbrella 'cause we're heading to the English Lake District. This place is basically an emerald-chic, picnic-blanket wonderland. Rolling hills, tranquil lakes and the kind of serene vibe that makes you wanna like, pause for a sec and ponder life. Or just daydream about cute hiking outfits, your call.

If you're a literary person, you're gonna nerd out big time. Places like William Wordsworth’s former home, Dove cottage and the children’s book author Beatrix Potter’s house, Hill Top are like, tangible pages of literature history. If that doesn't jazz you up, hit up one of the boat tours - Windermere or Ullswater are personal faves. Tip: Pack snacks. Scenery-gazing is mysteriously hungry work.

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Bay of Kotor, Montenegro

If you're feeling the Eastern Europe vibes, the Bay of Kotor in Montenegro is a literal postcard come to life. It's the sort of place where you almost pinch yourself because it's too stunning to be real. Imagine winding streets that twist and turn like a maze, lined with old world charm and framed by the most epic of mountainous backdrops. It's kind of like living in that dreamy vintage film that you can't find on Netflix, you know?

Don't even get me started on the Gothic churches though, or the Romanesque cathedrals. They ooze history, like ooze, so much so that you'll probably leave smarter just by association. Once you've done the sight-y doo-dahs, hike to the top of the fortress for panoramic views of the bay that will seriously make your heart flip. It's like, next level beauty. *Chef’s kiss*

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Canadian Rockies, Canada

Bet you didn't see this one coming - the Canadian Rockies! Expect snow capped mountains, glistening emerald lakes, and, of course, moose. Yes, real live moose! The combo of Banff and Jasper National Parks is just *mind blown*. Look, I'm serious, that scenic highway drive between the two literally takes the breath out of your body. Hypothetically, like, not in a creepy way.

If hiking is your thing, there's no shortage of trails. Ultra-beginner or hardcore pro, you're covered, babe. But here's the tea - the Rockies are more than just hiking. They’ve got hot springs. HOT. SPRINGS! If you’ve never mellowed out in nature’s hot tub while the Rockies loom around you like giant guardians, sweetie, you’re missing out. Though, uh, don't forget your swimsuit, okay? Could be awkward.

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South Island, New Zealand

Okay so, the South Island in New Zealand is like a movie set, no joke. Ever heard of the Lord of the Rings? Yeah, Sauron’s eye can practically be spotted from the peaks of Queenstown. The whole place is a blend of alpine vibes and starry-eyed forest magic, with the added bonus of adventure sports. Like, WILD ones too, skiing, bungee jumping, you name it, they've got it.

From wildlife experiences with friendly dolphins and seals in Kaikoura, to the glacier hikes at Franz Josef - which by the way, totally lit, there's more to do than there are Kardashian-Jenners. Remember though, these glacier hikes are not just any run-of-the-mill hikes, they're the 'I scrambled my way over a freakin' glacier' kind. So, you're gonna need some of that adrenaline.

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