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A Guide To Trip Planning Effectively Using AI

Read on for more on how people already planning their travels using AI and 5 simple steps to properly prompt when planning a vacation. 

12.05.24 BERLIN. GERMANY. - Everyone is talking about using AI to plan their next vacation, but how are people actually doing this and how can you prompt the AI to give the best results?

The advent of AI technology has given travelers powerful new tools to plan their trips. For the first time since online travel agents rose to power there has been a distinct shift in the way people can book their vacations. Instead of filtering, users can express their wishes and be rewarded with personalised recommendations.

Furthermore, askLAYLA incorporates short-form video to help inspire you in a way we are now so accustomed to thanks to TikTok and Instagram. 

How are people using AI to plan vacations?

Some of fascinating insights from users of askLAYLA are:

  • There is a difference in how people talk to askLAYLA depending on where they are from. German speakers are more likely to be concise, whereas English speakers are more detailed, and Arabic speakers are most inquisitive.

  • People are polite, but far more people say please rather than thank you!

  • Users are finding more unique destinations to visit and are planning long trips; askLAYLA users have found almost 700 destinations around the world and can use a special askLAYLA function called ‘similar to’ to find alternatives to popular destinations.

  • People are still getting used to using AI. Many people test the concept by planning an itinerary for a trip they are already planning, or even a place they know well, then start asking for inspiration once trust is established.

What are people asking AI to help with?

What people are asking is extremely varied, and mimics how someone would talk to their travel agent. For example:

  • Where should I go next month for sunshine

  • Make an itinerary for 1 week in Italy

  • I want a place that is calm, have amazing beaches, and has a reasonable price

  • I’m broke, plan me a luxury trip on a budget

  • Find me a round trip flight to Seattle

  • I want to propose my girlfriend. Where should I go?

  • Day trips within 4 hours drive from me

How can you use AI effectively?

To ensure get the most out of your trip planning with AIs like askLAYLA, here are our top tips:

1. Detail is important: The more information you can give, the better the response you’ll get. You can really open up with your AI travel planner. Be clear on things you like and don’t like, like activities or accommodation type, and specify details you know already (dates for example).

2. Keep it clear and concise: Try not to be too verbose. Focus on conveying essential information clearly and succinctly.

3. Use Keywords: Incorporate relevant keywords and phrases related to travel planning in your prompts. This helps Layla personalise the information you receive. Keywords such as "flight options," "hotel recommendations," "local attractions," and "travel tips" can be particularly helpful.

4. Ask to see videos: With askLAYLA you can really get a feel for a place by asking to see videos. If you know where you want to go, simply tell Layla to show you that place. If you’re not sure, prompt along the lines of “show me places that are within a 3 hours flight and by the beach”.

5. Be Patient: Remember that askLAYLA is here to assist you, but it may take a moment or two to generate your answers, depending on the complexity of your prompts. Don’t worry, it will be worth the wait!

Here is an example prompt if you’re looking for inspiration on where to go:

“Inspire me where to go for my 1 week summer vacation. I’m traveling with my best friend. We like sunshine, canyoning and cocktails. Maximum 4 hour flight.”

Here is an example prompt when you are planning the details of your trip:

“I’m travelling to Aruba on 11th August for 7 nights with my partner. Make an itinerary that includes some local restaurants and the best beaches. Also show me hotel options that cost around $200 a night, Must include a pool.”

By following these guidelines, travelers can harness the full potential of AIs like askLAYLA for efficient and hassle-free travel planning. Whether you're organizing a solo adventure, a family vacation, or bestie trip, using these tips will help you plan your escape in moments instead of months.

About askLAYLA

askLAYLA is a free AI travel agent that finds beautiful destinations that you’ll love and helps you plan your trip there. From inspiration to booking flights, hotels and activities, just askLAYLA.

The company was founded by  Saad Saeed, co-founder of Europe’s fastest-ever unicorn, grocery delivery service Flink, Jeremy Jauncey, the visionary behind Beautiful Destinations, and digital product expert Sardar Bali to simplify the travel planning process.

askLAYLA announced its seed round in November 2023, where it was backed by travel industry icons, including the co-founders of (Andy Phillips), Skyscanner (Barry Smith) and (Brent Hoberman), as well as entrepreneur Paris Hilton

In February 2024 askLAYLA announced that it had acquired Roam Around, an early-mover in the AI travel space that had generated over 10 million itineraries.


Social media and short-form videos are now dominant sources of travel discovery. The American Express 2023 Global Travel Trends Report found that 75% of people had been inspired by social media when deciding to travel to a specific destination and as much as 40% of younger consumers turn to Instagram or TikTok instead of Google search or maps.

Despite this, turning social media inspiration into a fully planned trip is a laborious and time-consuming process that requires juggling multiple platforms and websites, and takes more than 10 hours over a typical period of two-to-three weeks.

askLAYLA bridges this gap by connecting social travel inspiration with all elements of the booking process. With the help of large language models, askLAYLA’s Instagram messaging platform and app not only present users with highly relevant destination recommendations but also paint a vivid picture of what users can expect through beautiful, inspirational, short vertical video. askLAYLA answers any queries the user has from flight prices, to cultural insights to weather specifics. It is integrated with Skyscanner,, Get Your Guide and Viator.


Here is the link to some imagery and video footage, in case helpful. 

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